Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Chimi the Charmer

Chimi is a social lite. He inherited a highly socially nature. His sister Chalupa (sp) is the social dog partner for a school counselor. Sophpeia (sp) is in social dog training. His whole litter is hyper friendly. Someone told me the other day that he had watched a documentary on Golden Retrievers. He said they are hard working dogs but that they would never be good guard dogs because they are to friendly! Chimi is a good judge of charcter. He alerts me to stange people and wants nothing more to greet my friends when I meet them. His tail waves and says "Hey! I know you! You are a friend!" He goes ADHD when he wants to greet people. Church is the place wher this has become a problem. During the meet and greet time, I just want to sit still not visit He wants to go across the alies and on the stage to say hello.

At home if he hears a friend drive up. He gets his leash and trots to the door, "Ready to Go!"

I have tried redirecting and correcting him but it just frustrates all of us involved.
Therfore Mechelle his trainier gave me a new behavior plan. Chimi gets to give my friends five and greet them in a way that keeps him working.

We tried it yesterday at an IEP meetting. Chimi was hyper friendily and frisky until he said hello to everone and then he laid at my feet. It worked. So when you see us working and you want to say "Hello!" hold out your hand and Chimi will give you "Five" Let me sit down or stablize first

Where ever we go he is the center of attention. He loves it and I love him. Hopefully are new meet and greet method will help both us be calmer and even more charming

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Lora said...

I am SO EXCITED to be able to give Chimi five! Would never interfere with your need to be the "Alpha", but HE IS SO CUTE! Count on me to give him five whenever possible!