Sunday, September 28, 2008

Playing in the Yard at 5 Months

Finding safe ways for Chimi to play hard has been difficult. Because Chimi is a Big dog and I can out throw the length of even the Giant Flexi leash. (We broke the smaller leashes playing outside!) Throwing a ball with Chimi on a Giant flexi lead of 26 ft is like yard sleading. Being yanked from your motorized wheelchair scooter and flying through the air is fun until you hit the ground face first. I did not know Chimi and I had an audience until I heard this group of Middle school boys who were playing football say, "Do you think she will ever get up again!" That was the day the Dr. said I could take the sling off my arm! Chimi helped me up and I introduced the boys to Chimi. Chimi just wanted to play football!
Today one of the guys from church and his son drove a stake in the ground that I can slide the flexi lead on. Now I can throw balls and Chimi can retrieve without the high flying danger. I need a stronger longer leash. But the gaint flexi lead will work for now. It is not as fun as the MCH playground where Chimi can run free but at least he can play harder outside than he can in the house!
Chimi and I have our first school presentation for the fall this Friday!


Lora said...

Do you have to exercise Chimi or could others do that?

SARAH said...

I'm glad you found a way! How awesome! your first presentation! I remember mine, ha ha, that was awhile ago. tell us how it goes.