Saturday, September 20, 2008

Working Together Again!

I chipped a bone in my right shoulder shaft on August 6th. I was chasing the mailman to retrieve a package without Chimi and fell into the slats of a glider rocker. This wacky fall end my 3o year falling streak of no broken bones! Chimi and I spent 4 weeks in a rotator cuff sling and wheelchair. Chimi still worked for me but not in harness.
I have physical therapy twice a week. My range of motion is good if I go slow but my strength is poor. My arm and shoulder are to weak to walk with Chimi in harness much. He has been to church and to school and to seminary class with me several times but I am not up to all day every day yet.
Chimi is helping with therapy at home though. One of the elders at my church offered to get in the dunking booth and let me throw at him at the Fall Fling the last Sunday of October as motivation for physical therapy. I have been practicing with Chimi. The practice is also helping with Chimi's obedience and my voice control. Chimi can not retrieve the ball until I give the okay and he has to stay in a sit position at my right until I say okay. The hard part is getting him to bring and give the ball once he has it. This target practice has become a mind game for him and he seems to prefer playing it. Right now my arm is so weak even the cats will not move when I throw.

The cats seem to have accepted Chimi more in the past month or so. They give him noes to noes greeting and they no longer run and hide when he is bark talking because he is holding something.

I am back in the swing of fall volunteering at MCH and CCC but I have to rest more often than I like and I miss having Chimi at my side most of the day. Next week will be five months! My life is a whole new animal with Chimi!


Lora said...

SO glad you are healing! Answer to prayers.

Lisa and Ellie said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better! And I pray things continue to improve!

Mosier 'n Me said...

Hurray for an update! :)

SARAH said...

I'm glad your feeling better and that you and Chimi have grown so much as a team! It makes us puppy raisers so proud knowing that our dogs go to people as loving and patient as you! :) let us know how the dunking game goes!