Monday, October 13, 2008

A skit What do you think?

Skit for My Testimony Introduction

I am giving my testimony at a church in my area. I wrote this skit as an introduction to my speech. This will be my first testimony with Chimi. I added his name to the skit. It is sort of like Whose on First Tell me what you think

What the Name?

Winky: Hi, I am glad you came to visit today can I help you?

Anne: Yes, can you tell me what is the Name?

Winky: My name is Hansel Ruben Wilson

Anne: Wow, that is an ancestral name if I ever heard one. But what is the Name?

Winky: I was named after my grandfather? What is your name?

Anne: Donna Suzanne Isbell. It’s a family name too. But what is the Name?

Winky: My nick name is Winky

Anne: Cute, That sounds like one of the Seven Dwarfs But with a name like Hansel Ruben Wilson, I would think a nickname would be a necessity.

Winky: Do you have a nick name?

Anne: I am called Anne

Winky: Is that Anne with an E or just plain Ann?

Anne: It is Anne with e but this isn’t about me. What’s the Name?

Winky: What’s your service dog’s name?

Anne: Chimi Chunga

Winky: That sounds Mexican. Is that legal?

Anne: His litter was theme named. I do not want this conversation to go to the dog. What is the Name?

Winky: My wife’s name is Susan. My friends call her Gretel.

Anne: Sweet, But, What is the NAME - the name that saves?

Winky: O, that Name The Name that is above any other name?

Anne Yes, Yes, Yes!

Winky: He has been called by many names: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace. Those are some l----ong nicknames.

Anne: Those names describe His character; but, what name was he given at birth?

Winky: O’ that is the sweetest name I have ever heard – the name of Jesus.

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SARAH said...

Oh that's cute! I relaly like it. It gets the message out :)