Monday, October 20, 2008

Chimi at Pisgah

Yesterday, was my first Sunday to present my testimony with Chimi. He did very well. I prepared him by getting him up real early and going through his whole morning food, hygiene, and obedience sessions. I also put a Halti head collar on him. I have tried several different forms of head collars. The Halti works best Chimi was trained with a Halti and he can not rub or paw his way out of it. Have him wear the halti has enabled my broken shoulder to heal without strain. It also calms him and keeps him more focused and it keeps other people from bothering our team work. The head collar is not a muzzle but I am glad the general public thinks it might be.
Getting on stage was a little difficult because the steps had open space between wher you could see through to the floor. Chimi stayed at the bottom until I was on stage and then he leap trotted to the top and everyone clap for him/ During my talk he laid quietly at my feet. He and I both were a little anxious during the time at the close of the service were people came to hug me and thank me for coming.During lunch afterward. He laid under the table in front of me and responded well to correction. He ignored the toddlers and children who snuck under the table or stepped on his tail and he did not lick anyone's sandal feet. He did sniff to much at a few people but over all he was very well behaved and I was very proud to have him at my side. After church, Chimi and I went for a golf cart ride with Suzy and we visited the Children's Worship Center.

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Lora said...

Sounds like a GREAT day! You are growing together. It is just like a marriage-you don't start out the first day on the same page-it takes time.