Monday, November 3, 2008

Canine takes Communion - the Reverent and the Restless

CCC has communion the 1st Sunday of each month. As an act of demonstrating that we are the body of Christ, we all move toward the front and center and leave no open seats between one another. Communion also takes place at the end the regular service. Moving closer together so close together for such a time of reverence has been a challenge for me and Chimi. When people start moving, Chimi thinks it is time to "Go!" Then when new people sit right next to us Chimi wants to say “Hello.” I have not yet mastered the art of commanding Chimi quietly. I tend to not correct him because I do not want to disturb others. I am far too loud and noisy when I am trying so hard to be quiet. Chimi senses this and seizes opportunity.
Our first communion together, a man with Autism sat next to us. This gentleman often fixated on appearances. Chim wanted to lay his head on this man’s shoes. Many other people would have thought this adorable; but this man was appalled and stepped on Chimi. Later that week that man was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He is heaven in his right mind now and he probably laughed for joy at Chim during yesterday’s communion service.
Chimi and I often sit by ourselves in the back because there are fewer distractions. This Sunday I was thankful that a friend came and sat with us. Chimi got up close and personal sniffing her for a moment but then I corrected him and he laid down and stayed quiet during the rest of the song service and sermon until the cracker plate was passed to me. Chimi stood up and sniffed at the plate and for a minute I thought he was going to leap over people and follow the plate. For the first time in my life, I put my cracker in my mouth and forgot to wait for communal direction! I could not get Chimi to lie back down. He alternated laying his head in my lap or the lap of the friend next us. He even licked her hand! I was trying hard not to laugh or cry. (I hear d giggles) We made it through the juice. Low and behold as soon as the elements were said and done Chimi lays back down!
His Halti was in my bag. I had decided not to make him wear the head collar to church because he had been so well behaved earlier. The moral of this story is that God has a sense of humor and I do not always have good sense


Lora said...

OH ANNE-TOO FUNNY! Perhaps Chimi was thinking, "HEY, I am one of His creatures too-WHAT ABOUT ME!" Just like with a child-a new and different experience causes great curiousity

SARAH said...

ha ha! finders keepers! that's probably what he was thinking too!!
Sounds like he's a silly boy :)