Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dreams of Cats and Tennis Balls

Last year at this time, I had just found out that I would be attending KSDS spring training and that a golden retriever had been selected for me. I dreamed of living with a service dog. The real experience has been beyond my wildest dreams. Many days have been wonderful a few others have been a living nightmare. A couple nights ago, I even dreamed that Chimi met my deceased grandmother. That meas he is really part of the family now - even the cats think so.
Chimi is a want to be cat chaser. He knows Sissy and Buddy are off limits. Other cats, I have discovered, he considers fair game. No, he has not chased any yet; but, we have seen a few. I think if he had been off lead the chase would have been on!

He also will steel tennis balls. A friend of mine, who we occasionally ride with, plays tennis Tennis balls must have a certain smell. He noses through stuff until he finds them. So far he has found two and since he gets a mouth hold on them, my friend says "finders keepers"

Chimi does not like to give back a ball. He would rather play keep away. This past Sunday the 5th and 6th graders played keep away with Chimi at the end of class. The kids divided up on either side of the room and tossed balls from one side to the other. Chimi was in the middle. Every time Chimi caught a ball it was out. Chimi eventually caught all the balls!(Chimi and I are on the even months teaching team. We set aside play time the last Sunday of the months we teach.)Chimi like most kids likes Sunday School better than Big Church!

Chimi sleeps in his kennel. It is right beside the head of my bed. I often find comfort in listening to him sleep. I think he dreams too!

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Lora said...

Great post, Anne. It has the sound of Chimi truly being family-at last!