Thursday, March 5, 2009

House Guest

One day I went to a Dr. appointment on the scooter without Chimi. On the way home 3 stray dogs followed me home. One of them was a female black lab mix. When I went in side the dogs seemed to disappear. That afternoon when I walked Chimi out to play this female black lab mix re appeared. At the sight of her Chimi took off for a chase straight into traffic and visiting neighboring apartments with open doors! I had not got the leash on all the way before opening the door. With a little help and a lot of yelling I finally got Chimi back on lead and the black dog was following along. Chimi was delighted to have a play mate. She liked tennis balls as much as he does. I called Animal Control. It was late. they were on police business and they could not come get her until morning. She had a collar and she obeyed sit, down, stay and come commands so I knew she belonged to someone. At first I planned to let her stay outside on Chimi's play time lead but the neighbors were indignant that I now "had two dogs - one outside and one inside. So I brought her in to calm the neigbors and called the apartment manger to inform her that the visiting dog was only staying the night. The cats were as put out as the neighbors. Chimi is a dog they know. We have no more room for a dog they do not know. Animal control came and picked her up the next morning. Her owner had called looking for her. But not before she had chewed through Chimi's retractable lead! I think we Chimi the cats and me were all relieved when she left. Chimi seems to likes being the only dog and playing alone. He does not have to share tennis balls.

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Lora said...

Cute story Anne!