Monday, June 29, 2009

Chimi at Play

One of the things I first noticed during Chimi’s playtime while we were training at KSDS is that he did not interact with the other dogs much. While the other dogs were wrestling he would hold a tennis ball and walk around the boundary of the play area. After several rounds he would stop by his trainer Michele, me and my other classmates to be petted. However he would take off if he thought you were going to take the ball. I was disappointed by this behavior because I liked to throw things and I thought it would be fun to play fetch. Michele reminded me that play time is Chimi’s dog time and it is not about me. She said that he considers fetching work and he did not want to have to give or share when he played.

When we got home I worried at first about Chimi not having other dog playmates. We have had a few. A friend’s Australian Shepherd and some over night stray guest. Chimi likes having other dogs around but he does not like to share his toys or me. The last few times other dogs have been around to play. Chimi dropped his balls at my feet and laid down and wined. I think God knew that I need Chimi to be happy playing alone.

One of the best dog purchases I made this past year was a fifty foot outdoor tie out line and stake. A friend put it next to my apartment in the grassy alley between apartments. Chimi has an outside play routine that goes something like this
1. Run leap and bound around with a sense of freedom on the long lead.
2. Roll in grass.
3. Do laps with ball
4. Be petted
5. Chew grass, bone, (ball)
6. Drink Water
7. Take care of business
8. Play tug with me.
9. Play 2 ball fetch – I learned that if I always kept one ball. He would fetch and trade balls with me.
10. When He is ready to go in he walks toward the front of the apartment and turns to wait for me.
He likes for me to watch more than he really wants me to play. If he could talk human, I would hear "Watch me! Watch me!" If He thinks I am not watching he will tap a ball at me or drop it at my feet. He expects me to play more with him inside than out.

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