Monday, June 29, 2009

Hot Summer Daze

The heat advisory weather we have had lately has been hard on Chimi. Back in May before it got so hot. I planned the day around the times Chimi and I went outside. We would go out to take care of business. We would go out to get the mail. We would work in the flower bed. We would have a “neighborhood watch” time.
Chimi is quite content to watch people and traffic come and go as he lays in the shade. While Chimi watches I read a magazine or look at a junk mail catalog. Before the heat Chimi also had regular outside play time! But with the heat advisory our outside visits are short, few, and far between. Playtime, is in not out, that makes Chimi feel confined and makes me work harder so he will play.
Chimi’s treats for the heat are ice cubes. If I say “ice cube” he will go sit by the refrigerator and wait. If I throw them, he catches them in air. Filling ice trays is a shaky, messy, and wet task. Before Chimi I did not even use them because I have sensitive teeth. It is worth it to hear Chimi crunch as he chills.

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