Wednesday, July 1, 2009

1st Year Service Dog Expenses

I itemizes what I spent for Chimi the first year These were my totals
1st Year Service Dog Expenses
Vet Care 448.58
Food and Water 235
Waste Management 116.85
Bedding 138.99
Work Gear 970.83
Grooming tools and supplies 101.12
Health Care Products 132.67
Exercise / Stress management /Toys 126.32
Total 2270.36

More than half of these expense were excessive due to my inexperience and excitement. The cheap baggies used for food servings can be reused as poop bags. The plastic bags are not environmentally green but they are cheaper. Cotton balls and ear solution last longer than the convenient more expensive cleaning pads I bought the leather harness; but, Chimi works best in the one he was trained in.I bought several leashes and head collars before I found one that worked for both me and Chimi. I explained toy expense in the last post. (Even when you find what works it has to be replaced when it breaks.)

Some of the basics like a kennel, water bowls and grooming tools, I will not have to replace for awhile. However I wish I would have gotten to know Chimi better before I bought dog supplies. I bought a regular plastic kennel and a travel bed. However, a soft sided collapsible kennel would have been a better investment for home and travel. I think He would love one of those large cushioned pillow cot like beds. (He and the cats all like to lay on the roll away bed.)

I hope to cut the vet bill in half by giving Chimi Benedrly. The majority of vet cost were allergy related.
I have now created a Chimi section in my monthly budget planning

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