Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dog or Cats?

Many people ask which I like better dogs or cats. I was born a cat person but I am becoming more and more a Chimi person! (For those of you who have not read really old post I have two cats Plus Chimi!)

Hair – Definitely Dog – the cat hair is fine like dust Chimi hair is more like tumble weed.

Feeding - Definitely Dog - except when Chimi gets into the cat food!

Toys - Definitely Dog – Chimi has eaten most of the cat toys! Except the bird wand

Bedding Definitely Cat – The cats sleep on my bed.

Vet - Definitely Dog – Chimi loves to go the cats would rather die first!

Grooming – Dog and Cat – They take turns. Sissy sits in my lap to be brushed while I groom Chimi!

Poop Scooping – Definitely Dog – Chimi goes outside. No need for a litter box

Affection – Dog and Cats – Each one is an individual creature with personality. Each seeks attention and affection in his and her on way and can be some what jealous at times.
Sissy has actually been known to set off my medic alert system multiple times to get my attention. (No kidding.) She knows I have to come turn it off.

Smarts – Definitely Dog - Chimi has training. Before Chimi, my cats only retrieved toys. Now, they know Chimi is bigger and faster! Like I said, he has eaten most of them.

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Sarah, Tara, Annie, Sammy, and JD said...

Hmm interesting. I was born an all around animal person and then became a dog person, i like cats, but not as much as dogs :)