Saturday, June 14, 2008

2 months of Team Work

As of today Chimi and I have been training/ bonding together for two months. Chimi sleeps on the bed with me now in Bubby's old spot! (Redia you won the bet!) Buddy sleeps on me now! Buddy comes to bed after Chimi gets comfortable and still. Buddy gets up when Chimi repositions himself but then Buddy jumps up and lays down next to me and goes right back to sleep. Chimi and the cats seem to take turns sharing me with each other. Buddy likes to play in Chimi's kennel. (It looks and sounds like a cat playing in a dry bathtub!) The other night the cats knocked all the supplies off the top. I am use to cat nighttime play . However, I now lock the kennel even if Chimi does not sleep in it, to cut down on the noise.

Chimi has also began to associate me with "Mama."

Chimi went for his monthly weigh in at the vet yesterday. I took him out of harness because he also got a lime disease vaccine. He had great fun greeting the staff. The clinic has high counters like at a bank. Chimi loves to stand on his hind legs and lean over to say hello!
Chimi goes back to have his nails done and his hair trimmed this Wednesday. Lisa, one of the vet tech raises and shows golden retrievers and has volunteered her skills and experience.

Chimi has gained 12 ounces. We have started walking to MCH 4 days a week to read with one of my former students and He has play time every afternoon. But it looks like he may need even more activity to keep his weight good.

Chimi attended a retirement party with me and visited TBC library with me this week I hope tp add a few pictures to the blog soon.
Please pray for the people suffering storm damage up north in Kansas and Iowa. Knowing people in the area now makes me more aware.


Lisa & Runza said...

Sounds like you and Chimi are getting along so well. I was talking to Carla and Derry at PupsDaze and they are so thrilled every time they hear from you! Carla made the funny maniquen on my PupsDaze post! :) She did a good job!

Lora said...

Wow-TWO MONTHS. Time flies when you are having a good time!

Sounds like a bed full to me!