Thursday, June 19, 2008

Strange Bed fellows

I have not felt well today. I have been in and out of the bed and the bathroom. This picture perfect moment made me feel better though. Chimi and the cats are fleeing more and more at home with one another. Chimi had his first hair trim in Louisiana yesterda.y Thanks to the kindness of one of the techs at Chimi vet. I got a little road rash because Chimi was so happy to visit the vet. He was out of harness and I fell in the parking lot. When he is in harness he wants to take one slow step at a time with me. When he is out of harness, He is in hurry like me. The next trip to the vet we will wear the harness into the office until time to take it off.

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Lora said...

Aren't they sweet! Hope you feel better VERY soon.