Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chimi's First Bike Ride!

Until today, I had not ridden my adult trike since before I brought Chimi home. Chimi has had to learn to walk beside me on foot, with the walker, and the wheelchair scooter. I did not want to add the bike to all that until I was secure with our bonding and I was sure I could manage Chimi and the bike. I do not know if I am just stronger because of my work and play with Chimi or if His extra weight gave me more stability but getting up the hills did not seem as hard as it was before I went to training in Kansas. Chimi keeps me from rolling when I am stopped. He liked that he could run but he wants to lead the bike. I think he might be able to be trained to pull the bike from the front rather than push from behind. He learned how to pull my gloves and safety gear off at training. He really wanted to help do that on the ride. I go to the doctor Friday and plan to talk about a medical recommendation for a new walker and a semi recombinant trike. Since I have given away or moved most of my furniture from my living room, I have room for a bigger safer bike.