Monday, July 7, 2008

Were Walking Side by Side!!!!

Chimi and I have struggled to learn to walk together since. The first challenge for Chimi was learning to switch to position and walk on my right instead of heeling and walking on my left. I am left handed; I am blind in my right eye and my right side is my weakest. I can not hold my cane in my right hand. Chimi was trained for both sides with left side dominate. It took him just 2 to 3 weeks to adjust to a major change.
Our next challenge was compensating and counter balancing for my poor balance. My right foot turns in and I walk on my toes as I drag my foot. This problem is worse when I wear my braces because the braces hold my foot and counter pull my heel flat to the floor. I still have yet to master balancing in my braces but without my brace the muscles in my foot tighten to the point of causing crippling pain if I walk or stand for longer than about 30 minutes. While I trained with Chimi and Kansas I wore my braces and used my walker I did not take my extra pair of non brace shoes so that I would not cheat. I learned to balance better in the braces since I was wearing them all the time but also fell too many times with Chimi. When I first got home from Kansas I fell even more. I even fell on Chimi. I got hurt and Chimi got scared and would not walk with me. So I took the braces off and searched the net for a more secure harness. The new harness had its own pros and cons therefore I went back to the old harness that Chimi was use to. I also practice walking with Chimi just a little farther each day. Today we walked all the way to the laundry mat and back without having to start and stop! I did not use my cane and I did not fall! Chimi and I have both had to focus and work together. This week I plan to start walking with Chimi in my braces. I will use my cane. I want to master walking with Chimi before we focus on learning new task.


Lora said...

Anne-I admire your tenacity! One step at a time-literally!

Lisa & Runza said...

You go girl! Sounds like you are making progress!

Are you planning on going to the graduate retreat?