Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lost and Found

In the past two weeks I have learned the hard way of how important sticking to training instructions is. Daily obedience sessions with consistence and correction are needful even when I do not feel well as is wearing the harness and being on lead. Safety however is most important. One such training instruction is a fenced in play area. I do not have such a place at my apartment. I have been using the three way alley behind my apartment It has a fence on one side and a sidewalk on the other and it L shapes back to the front of my apartment. Today as I turned my back to turn on the water faucet a little girl on a three wheeled riding toy rode past on the front sidewalk, two apartment sections, over from mine. Chimi took off before I even knew he was gone. When I turned back around he was no were in sight. I called and called in a panic prayer thinking about the phone call confession I would be making to KSDS if I could not find Chimi soon. After a few minutes he came bounding back around the corner toward me; but, I do not know where he went exactly and his favorite ball is gone. After I had Chimi on lead again I went across to the apartment where the kids were playing outside and asked if Chimi had ran that way. The mother said "No;" but, the little boy said "Yes" From now on I will stick strictly to my training even if it is diffcult for me or misunderstood by others. Unless we go to the MCH fenced in playground or have a play date in someone else's fenced in yard Chimi will only have inside playtime.


4 Wheeling Princess said...

I know that feeling. Shocker did that to me twice. She knew how to get out of our yard. That is a scary feeling and I am so glad Chimi didn't go far.

Mosier 'n Me said...

I'm glad he came back! :)

Lora said...

Just like a child, they are inquisitive about the world, but come back to their homebase-knowing they are loved there.