Monday, June 29, 2009

Dog Toys

I have been given, or bought and tried several dog toy brands and different kinds of dog toys. I have gained some wisdom
1. Cheap toys do not last through one play time. The best toys are worth the expense.
2. Kong and Jolly toys are more durable than Ruff Dog. Chimi does not like Ruff Dog toys much except tugs.
3. Nylobone is best dog bone maker. They do not make Chimi sick (Larger Last longer) Dyno Bones are fun chews.
4. Expensive balls disappear like the mesh teaser with Tennis ball, the orange spiked ball, and the Kong balls. Chimi loved all three
5. Tennis balls are a must favorite toy for Chimi. Hard, medium priced, and less fuzzy last longer.
6. Chimi was given a Monster Tennis Ball that he loves to wrestle with.
7. Chimi’s second string toys are his: large Nylabone and Kong Frisbee that he and I play tug with.
8. Chimi loves stuffed animals but they can only be played with supervised “find” mind game times because he loves to mal and eat them.
9. I have very few cat toys left. Chimi has found and eaten most of them like candy. The cats get paper balls and boxes for toys now. The bird wand stays on top of the refrigerator.


Lisa and Ellie said...

try goughnuts ( for each toy you buy they give a donation to KSDS and they are VERY durable!

it's Ellie's favorite. They are heavy though!

Anonymous said...

Try the big tug if your dog enjoys tugging. They are quite durable and
my rotty loves hers. It is like no other tug toy I have seen. I got it
from, hope you enjoy yours as much as we do.