Monday, May 26, 2008

1st Bath, Lunch and a Movie

In honor of Chimi's working service dog status I want to pay tribute on this Memorial Day to all the Service men and women who have worked are working until death or peace in the fight for freedom all around the world.

I gave Chimi his first bath in his new home today I would wash and rinse one section of his body and all was wet and well, until I heard what sounded like a cat fight at the front door. Buddy had sneaked out when I took Chimi out for relief. So I told Chimi to stay and went to the door as fast as my crippled legs would go. As I let Buddy in, out went Sissy. I made the mistake of calling Sissy to come in. 1st all Sissy knows very well that she is a cat. She comes only when she wants to. Second, Chimi heard "Come!" He came barreling out of the bathtub through the bedroom and the kitchen into the living room shaking wet. We will have to wait for bath #2 to try the cream rinse!

Chimi visited a local barbecue place with me at lunch time today. Everyone was a little nervous at first and a little surprised that he did not even seem to notice the food. By the time we were leaving he was getting good behavior complements. We went to see Indiana Jones. Chimi alerted to the loud noises at first but then stretch out under me and settled down. He also maneuvered steps for me today without any problem. Sunday we struggled with steps. I was very proud to have Chimi with me today. He worked hard out on the town so when we came home we played hard too! He is resting beside the chair now.
What can I say about Indiana Jones, If you have seen one temple crumble you have seen them all Artifacts and aliens that is what you get when you combine the creative minds of Seven Spielberg and George Lucas. I also think Harrison Ford ages well!

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Lora said...

TOO FUNNY bath story. You could make it a cartoon!