Friday, May 16, 2008

Minding Our Business - Shopping Schooling Banking

Chimi and I went on our first duo shopping trip to Waly World this past Monday. He did well; but, it was a new experience for me! Chimi's counter balance weight to the side of the buggy made pushing a loaded buggy harder and heavier. We went early in the morning to avoid a crowd. I thought this was a good idea until it was time to checkout. The self check and express lanes were open; but, when it comes to self check I am a snail and a klutz's especially when I am exhausted. My monthly buggy load obviously exceeded the 20 item limit for express lane. There was only one other checker open, A kind graying lady with an obsessive compulsive disorder- she has a logical but crazy making order for bagging groceries - heavy items first and double bagged and tied with all other like items grouped to follow. That sounds orderly and helpful unless you shop like me. The heavy stuff is in the very bottom of the buggy and everything else is thrown on top . To complicate matters further the checker was terrified of dogs and I was in line behind a women who shops weekly for a daycare! I think even the self check would have been less stressful. Then, as I am swiping my card to pay this lady who Chimi and I had seen shopping throughout the store snuk up behind me, knelt down and started petting Chimi! As I caught my fall in her direction, I heard my self say, "I said, Please do not Pet my Dog!" She hurried away with an "I am sorry" that really meant. "What is the big deal!" I should have fell on her but then she would have blamed Chimi. But the trip was not over yet. I still had to get a months worth of groceries and Chimi in the car. I had not thought of that but he just snuched down in the floor board of the passenger seat between my feet. I came home and got on the internet and ordered the biggest brightest "Do not Pet" warning patches I could find!
Several people have ask me if I have problems with children petting the dog. Adults are a bigger problem.
The next day Chimi and I went to another school for another IEP meeting. I do well in schools and so does Chimi. Today He went into his first Ruston bank! His puppy raiser worked in a bank. He did wag the tail well and even got his picture taken!
We have been working on "position" a right sided command opposite "heel. I have just been positioning myself in such away to block his moves to the left so that correction is not needed and I have been praising him for right moves! I am pleased at the progress. He is "positioning" much quicker now with less confusion. My being left handed and right eyed has been hard on him. All of his like he has been asked to go to the left for most everything and now I am "switching" not just sometime but most of the time. But we are hanging in there and moving forward.


Lora said...

Glad you ordered the DO NOT PET. That was going to be my suggestion, since I have seen dogs with these. Will get by for the pic. This week has had its struggles as I am sure it has for you.

4 Wheeling Princess said...

I am glad you are getting the signs for the harness. Just know that people will NOT read the signs. Shocker had a sign and I still had to get on people because they don't understand why and thinks its horrible not to be able to pet a "regular" dog.

Kelsey and Spike said...

Ahh those "Do not Pet" signs should help! I agree, adults are soo much worse than children coming up to pet the dog. Sounds like you and Chimi continue to make progress though, so that's awesome! :D

Kelsey and Spike said...
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