Thursday, May 8, 2008

Harness hassles and Hard Tests of Leadership

Chimi felt better today enough to test my leadership. Handling the harness did not help maters much. During training I was afraid that I would not be certified because I almost never got Chimi's harness on without twisting it, or having it to loose or to tight. The first time I tried to put the training harness on by my self, I pulled all the straps apart and could not put them back together So today when I tried to put Chimi's new harness on (It arrived in the mail yesterday.) I cried tears of frustration because I good not get it to fit right. I called my KSDS instructor for help. She told me how to ajdust it and make it larger. She told me to do one strap at a time so that I would not get it all undone and fall apart because I could not put back together. Chimi seems to pick and choose which commands to obey. He will "sit", "down" and "stay" but he will not "stand," "Let's go," "Come" or " here up" After talking to my instructor today who encouraged me to keep bonding with Chimi and establishing leadership, I felt better. So tonight when he began barking at outside noise and lunging for the door. I roared "NO!" and praised him and petted him for quite behavior. I did that several times but by the time it was time for his last relief of the night he was quite at my side looking up and making more and more eye contact. Tomorrow will be a better day.

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Lisa & Runza said...

You are so positive! I love that. I sometimes would put Runza's PIT vest on backwards. It happens. Don't feel bad. And, those service harnesses are hard to put on. I've tried some of them. LOTS of straps! :)