Friday, May 30, 2008

Birds and New Skill Training

Two mocking birds came after Chimi yesterday as he was relieving outside the children's home. I guess their nest was near by and they felt threatened by the presence of a dog . They kept diving at him and chattering about him. We had to travel around the corner before they left him alone.
I think the first new daily living skill that Chimi will master, to help me around the house, is picking up his toys and putting them back in the toy box when play time is over. Picking up laundry and putting it in the dirty clothes basket is a similar task. I started with the laundry but I was having trouble getting him to "give" items into the basket "Drop it" is a Safety / Correction command. So I just observed him at play time and praised him and reinforce the commands. It is funny but he will "give" a toy faster than a sock. In another future post I will break down the teaching of a new skills.
Chimi had company during play time yesterday. My friend Sue He loved the extra attention. This afternoon I talked to his Puppy Raiser in Iowa. I am delighte to stay in touch with her.

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Lora said...

Momma & Poppa Birds don't like to feel their nest is being threatened. They will probably nest for a few weeks, so avoid that spot for a while.