Friday, May 23, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Chimi do for you?

Chimi is my mobility assistant.

1. He serves as an extra stable counter balance when I am walking.

2. He braces against me to prevent falls when I am walking.

3. He provides stable support for me to brace on when getting up from the floor after a fall.

4. He picks up my cane, laundry, and other things that I drop

5. He carries things for me.

6. He gives me support and stability to mange steps and curbs

7. He braces my transition in and out of the bathtub

8. Braces for transition from sitting to standing when in a chair

8. He provides extra support when I vacuum.

What other new skills will he learn with continued training?

1. Retrieving my walker

2. Tapping my emergency button

3. Retrieving the phone and the remote

4. Tugging open the refrigerator; closing the front door.

5. Turning on and of lights

6. Finding my keys and things

7. Pushing my Trike

How should I act around Chimi?


1. Do not distract Chimi.

2. Do not interact with Chimi

3. Do not make eye contact with Chimi

4. Do not talk to Chimi – do not greet him, do not call out to him by name, and do not puppy talk..

5. Do not give Chimi commands, correction, or praise.

6. Do not touch him – Do not ask to touch him. The answer is “No”

7. Do not help me with him unless I ask you to.

8. When I fall, remain calm and quite and do not move.

9. Turn to the side away from him when he attempts to sniff and greet you or get your attention.

10. Do not be alarmed when I correct him in public.

11. Do not give him food or treats.

12. Do not tease him with toys, food, or other objects.


  1. Ignore Chimi
  2. Watch Chimi work.
  3. Talk to me about Chimi.
  4. Hug me.
  5. Offer to provide Chimi and me transportation

Why can’t other people interact with him?

Chimi is a working dog. He is my mobility assistant and I am his person and his leader. He was trained specifically to brace and balance me when I am walking. He is a living, breathing, certified, four legged cane. He also helps me get up when I fall. Interacting with other people causes him to take his focus off me. Distractions are dangerous because I fall and get hurt when Chimi is distracted. If Chimi interacts too much with other people, he looses interest in working for me. If he stops working he is retire or returned to KSDS.

What is Chimi not allowed to do in public?

  1. Scratch
  2. Sniff
  3. Shake
  4. Bark
  5. Lick
  6. Eat people food
  7. Greet people
  8. Interact with other dogs in public

Why are Chimi’s, dog like, behaviors so restricted?

Chimi and I have been trained and certified by KSDS Inc. an accredited assistance dog training facility. Chimi has legal access to public facilities such as restaurants where dog like behavior is inappropriate and disruptive. Chimi was breed, born, raised, and trained to be a service dog. He has had these boundaries all his life. For Chimi these guidelines are not restrictive because they provided him with structure and security.

Why must Chimi be corrected? Because Chimi works in public places were inappropriate behavior is disruptive and not tolerated. He can be denied access if his behavior is not controlled. Dogs do not generalize. Chimi needs structured, consistent training, commands, and correction from one new setting to the next, in order to maintain the skills he learned in training. Chimi is an intelligent dog who challenges my leadership. As our bond grows stronger and as we establish routine there will be less need for correction. I must be a firm leader and make work fun so that Chimi stays focused. He is wants to obey when he knows who is in charge and what to expect.

How do I exercise Chimi? He trots beside my scooter chair as I ride.

When does Chimi get to act like a dog?Chimi has a very structured daily schedule with activities designed to relieve work stress.

Play time –Chimi has a toy box full of balls, bones and stuff animals to chew on, tug at, and run and roll around with. He is learning to pick up his toys and put them in his toy box when play time is over. We have even begun outside play time!

Grooming – His hair care and health care is out of harness time. He loves to hold the grooming tools in his mouth.

Cuddle time – He lies in my lap and I lavish affection on him.

Puppy Massage – I massage his muscles and work his joints.

Kennel time – This is quite time away from it all – Just him, his travel bed and his bone in his kennel.

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