Friday, May 23, 2008

Living, Laughing and Working together

I rejoiced earlier this week when I realize that Chimi, the cats, and myself are adjusting to living together. I was relieved to hear myself laugh out loud. Chimi and the cats are sharing space well enough for the cats to play. So I decided to see if Buddy would play fetch because I wanted to see how Chimi would react. I found Buddy's favorite toy mouse and I directed Chimi to a controlled position down under the table and told him to stay. Then I threw the mouse and told Buddy to get it. Buddy gave me this look that seem to say "The dog is watching and I an'nt moving!" So I turned my back and watched Chimi out of the corner of my eye. He crept out from under the table remaining in a downward position until he was out of my line of sight and then he bolted for the cat toy and came back to me grinning! I looked back at Buddy, his looks seem to say, "If he wants it that bad he can have it!" So cat toys have become an area for distraction work.
In order to have more space I donated my love seat and the table that was built for my first classroom to the local thrift store. Having space for the my adult trike and scooter chair and space for me to work with Chimi is more important.

Chimi and I are working out how to do my routine house chores as a team. This week also starts a much slower paced summer schedule. We will not be coming and going to as many activities; but, I think the one on one time at home will strengthen our partnership. I have got to write out a summer schedule for his routine and complete my first monthly report for KSDS. I also need to give Chimi his first bath in his new home.

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