Saturday, May 24, 2008

Chimi Reminds me off....

This may sound lame to some but I figure out who Chimi reminds me of. I went to see Prince Caspian today and I connected to the mental image that my mind has been trying to recall since the first time Chimi interacted with me in a cuddly, lovable, playful, hugable way. Being with Chimi reminds me of the sense were Aslan is affectionately talking with Lucy. I know Chimi is a dog and Aslan is a lion but that does not matter in my mind. Chimi has been a great comfort for my need to be hugged.
Several people have comment that committing to a service dog partnership sounds a lot like getting married or having a toddler. Their comment reminds me of some sticky notes an old LC friend of mine use to have that said, "I do not need a man, I have a dog!" My partnership with Chimi is practice for future relationships.
I know that animals do not go to heaven when they die. But when Jesus returns from heaven to rule on earth, I hope animals can talk. I also hope that I have all kinds of animal friends .
I did not take Chimi to the movie because supervising a MCH youth requires my undivided attention. The youth however did an excellent job of ignoring Chimi while we hung out at the apartment before the movie.

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