Sunday, May 4, 2008

First Sunday A day of rest and bonding

Chimi went to church with me this morning. He carried my bag as we walked from the sanctuary to the nursery. People think he was trained to do that. The do not know that carrying something in his mouth is in his blood. Last Wednesday, I had difficulty getting him to lay in the corner behind my chair. Today he went and laid down in that area without being told. I noticed similar situations in vehicles. Show Chimi were to get one time and he goes there without being told the next time!
After Church we had another bedroom ball bouncing playtime. After reading the online encyclopedia information about Golden Retrievers and learning more about their personality, I went for a ride in my scooter as he walked along side. Then I came home and rearranged the furniture in the bedroom so that none of my animals have to sleep in a separate room. Chimi and the cats all seem comfortable with the new arrangements. I spent time loving on Chimi as I watched extreme home makeovers. I have discovered that Chimi is very playful. I am even beginning to think that his reluctance to "come" or "give" is playfulness

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Lisa & Runza said...

Sounds like a successful outing.