Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Assistance Dog International Certified

Chimi and I did well on our evaluation at Wal-Mart. Chimi was not distracted by much of anything even on the dog food aile. He was too friendly with the test adminstrator! After the test, she explained that she was close friends with Chimi's puppy raisers and that he often visited her home as a puppy. Chimi does not greet strangers but he is an atention seeker from people he knows especially women and men in uniform. His intermediate training was located in a women's prision!
I will meet his puppy raiser family and the cordinator of the prision dog training program Friday night! (His puppy raisers are two ladies who are sisters)
Yesterday's challenge was the obstical course. This time Chimi came to me on the recall and by passed the Tennis ball! But he would not "hoop" jump over an obstical. He will do this if we are traveling outside on the scooter though.
Tomrrow we have to demonstrate obediant behavior "off lead" - the leash.
Saturday, I will have five minutes to speak at graduation! I know quite a bit about five minutes speeches!
I now know how to safely get off the floor even if all I have is Chimi and I know how to manage steps and curbs with his help.
Tommrrow we will also learn to train new skills when we return home like pushing my trike and retrieveving the phone.
Chimi is already picking up dirty laundary and puting it where directed and this morning he brought me my hair brush from the bathroom sink and he can get me my walker and open the refrigerator door.
Our next big challenge will be traveling on the airplane as a team.
Chimi can not be petted while he is working - in harness. After we have stettled in and bonded more at home, he can be petted when out of harness More later

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Looking forward to seeing you both-"In Action"!