Monday, April 21, 2008

Safety test -Trip to Town 2

Chimi and I did well entering and exiting doorways and elevators! I did well traveling on the road until we were on the hill facing the training center and the scooter began rolling into the highway the cane got caught in the controls. Michelle got behined me and I manged to get it turned off. The next test is to run errands alone up that hill. I have a greater apreciation for my scooter modifications!Farmervile highwagh has nothing on highway 36!
During the obedience session with toy distractions today, I had to leave Chimi on a down stay and go across the room using only my voice to control him while tennis balls rolled passed him. Michelle told me to think of the tennis ball as dangerousto Chimi and to use a vocie to make a believer out of him. He obeyed me until I released him from the down stay. He went after one of the tennis balls but He brought it to me on a bring it command. Both yesterday and todays sessions were exstremely frustrating but I worked through both of them and did not have a tearful melt down. For me that is a break through. I will have to continue disensitising Chimi to tennis balls when we come home. Dose anyone know were I can get some small one to attach to my keychain and things like that that Chimi will retrieve for me?
A trip to the Walmart in the next town is planned for Wednesday.


Lora said...

OK-if Chimi can survive Wal Mart, you have passed the test, as far as I am concerned. Enjoying your blogging and your progress is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Anne! I'm just tuning to your blog and getting caught up. I'm so excited for you and for Chimi! You're doing great and making progress everyday. I'm praying for great success and a safe return home for you both!


pedijean said...

Whatever you need we will be able to come up with, that will not be a problem. Just send a list. You're making great progress. This will be my last electronic contact until Thursday evening. I'll catch up then.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anne.... You go, gal. I'm so proud of you and your progress. It's been real interesting read. Can't hardly wait to see you and Chimi. Janet