Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Service Dog Application History

I became interested in service dogs a few years ago after watching a TV program about how service dogs could help children with emotional problems that needed positive social interaction. This intrigued me since I was a special education teacher. Then in 2005 because of my on physical disability (Cerebral Palsy) and other health problems I began to consider the possibility of having a service dog of my own.

Due to various symptoms I was having at that time I applied for a seizure alert dog from Heaven Scent Paws. However, further diagnosis revealed that I did not have a seizure disorder. After further treatment and changes in medication the seizure like symptoms disappeared and I no longer needed a seizure alert dog. Therefore I did not complete the application process with Heaven Scent Paws

I considered applying for a service dog with another organization because of my modality and balance issues related to CP. But I could not find a service dog organization that was the right fit for me. Then in the spring of 2007 I borrow the movie “More than Puppy Love.” from a friend. The movie was about KSDS and how their programs had changed the lives of two families. After watching the movie, I decide to contact KSDS and apply for a service dog. My application was approved! I never dreamed that training would happen so soon. I am deeply thankful to all those who made my service dog training possible.

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pedijean said...

My daughter was helped emotionally by an animal also, in fact, it was several cows. She had had emotional problems since she was four years old, when her grandfather, whom she was close too, developed lung cancer. She did not know how to handle this and developed a "tic". Add to this a learning disability with abuse by other children at school. The tics grew worse over the years with every mountain she had to climb. By age 13 she would simple retreat into her own world and sleep 23 hours a day when she couldn't deal with a problem. A very astute and giving teacher offered her the opportunity to show cows with her son (several years younger) in 4-H. She said that my daughter would have to be physically aggressive with the cows while being in front of an audience and judges. This would build her confidence and the ability to stand up for herself and her beliefs. And it worked, by the time she graduated high school her emotional problems had ended. As a junior in high school she was even confident enough to attend a state leadership conference for handicapped youth. She is now a bright, confident and caring preschool teacher whom parents come to for advice.