Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ladies , Babies, Vets and Visitors

Today was our first day out and about. Chimi and I attended Bible study this morning. It took us three or four attempts before we worked out "get in and scrunch" on the floor board of the car but we did it. (A car ride is to a dog what a roller coaster is to a kid.) I think Chimi could work as a social dog when he retires from being a service dog. He likes greeting people! He went down and under the table well. (The classroom setting was familiar to him) After Bible Study Tisdale took us to the New Creations vet clinic were Chimi could just be a plain dog for awhile. He met Betty, Ronda, Lisa and Dr. Ken Sanderson. We made an appointment for a wellness check up next Friday and Chimi got a flee prevention treatment and some shampoo. (I gave the cats their treatment too I think the common medicine smell is helping them adjust.) This afternoon we tried out the Flexi lead leash for supervised play time. I once again through a ball farther than the lead! ( I felt as if I had had a chiropractic adjustment!) Tonight Chimi wemt to the CCC nursery with me. I could not get him to down and under the baby bed but he did go down behind the rocking chair well until he heard me tell one of the children to "get the ball" He was then at my side looking for the ball. I feel bad because I have to tell him to do things more than once. He is not a bad dog I am just still learning to be a good handler. My voice still lacking in authority and I end up nagging. Today has had its ups and downs with distractions and reactions; but when I fall down Chimi is there to help me up, and that is "up lifting to me"


Lora said...

SWEET POST! Remember what I told you about voice modulation-Grab it from deep in your gut and then push it out. You have to practice this, but soon it will come natural. We all tend to talk from our throat and not our gut! Glad Chimi is settling in & "Lifting You Up."

4 Wheeling Princess said...

I had the same experience with fun on the flexi lead. my dad was throwing the ball and he threw it a little to far. Shocker went flipping an so did I.

Lisa & Runza said...

The name of my church is Christ Community as well! Coolness!!!

Don't feel bad, it took me awhile to figure how to convince Runza I was boss too! And the more you and Chimi are together the better you will bond and it will get easier! Keep up the good work! I like how you say he is uplifting to you!!