Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Better Day

last night was our first overnight together. The time away from the familar was good for our bonding. I did not get pulled over today. the heel command is improving. I got the harness on by myself this afternoon. Chimi also got to retrieve for me this afternoon! I drop stuff alot but the comand was not introduceduntil today Waiting for me to learn what he already new has been hard for him. He wants to help retrieve anything anyone drops. He can even pick up a dropped credit card!
We had our training lecture today and a daily grooming leture rder . I have got to work on voice inflection and control. I will have a written test and a skills test.
I also have abetter understanding of my training process today. I understand the reason for the pace and the order of progession. I need to practice now more later


Lora said...

Hey Chimi is already helping by providing you vocal control practice that you will use with your talks. How about that!

Anonymous said...

Hey gal... I know it is challenging, but you can do it. Love the name, Chimi... GRACE,GRACE... LOVE YA! Can't wait til you get home. janet

Anonymous said...

Greetings Anne! Can't wait to meet Chimi! Remember you "can do all things through Christ!" Ammi

janet wilson said...

Hi Anne!
I just found out yu have a blog! I loved reading all that is going on with you and your new friend! He is beautiful! Steve and I will continue
to pray for you! I am claiming Phil 4 :13 for you! I know HE is FAITHFUL!!!! He has you in the palm of his hand!
I love you!
janet wilson

janet wilson said...

Hey Anne!
I have been out of town a few days and am just now getting the info on your blog! WOW! YOU are amazing! I am so excited for all you are doing and learning! I can't wait to meet Chimi! He is really pretty! I will continue to pray for you! YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST!!!!
Love you!
janet wilson

Jim Liner said...

Hi, Anne ... nice blog! I'm really excited about how well you're progessing with service dog training. Keep up the good work and stay couragous.