Sunday, April 20, 2008


Our obedience sessions have progressed to the level that distractions are being introduceded. The person has to control the dog and keep him focus when around distractions such as food other animals or people and toys. This training is important so that the service team is not in danger in public. Chimi has two main distractions other people he is attactched too and TENNIS BALLS! I have one major problem lack of voice control. During the obedience session this afternoon, the trainiers Michelle and Deb bounced and tossed a tennis ball through most of the session. this put me and Chimi in a frustrated state. Chimi can ignore the ball if I establish respect with him. I still need work but there was improvement. Chimi is smarter than me! I have not met a guy that smart yet! More latter. I had my first evaluation and Chimi and I had agreat fall!

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Jim Liner said...

"Chimi is smarter than me! I have not met a guy that smart yet!" (Hey, I resemble that remark.) Sounds like you are doing well. Keep up the good work!