Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Quiet day

After Chimi's morning routine today. I was exhausted. I am still recouping from the training trip. So I spent most of the day reading, emailing or blogging with Chimi by my side or in the Kennel. I have been sitting on the floor in the living room parsing Chimi if he does not bark at sounds outside of the apartment.(He has only barked once today! I also moved the kennel to the middle of the apartment. The cats are beginning to cautiously move around the apartment again when Chimi is in the kennel. They have had several staring contest with Chimi. Henry Nouwen wrote that obedience is listening attentively to the voice of Love. Life with Chimi is a daily lesson in obedience, faithfulness, and love. Chimi's food and supplies arrived today. I do not know which he was more excited to see his food bowel or the jolly ball. I have to figure out the flexi lead leash before we can have outside playtime. I did find Chimi a stuffed toy to hold during grooming. It is my old beany lamb that "Punkie" my late cat tore the beans out and that a friend sewed back together . It is floppy because the beans are gone. I have named it "puppy" for Chimi even though it is a lamb. The pet hair fantastic vacuum attachment really works good on furniture!

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Lisa & Runza said...

Glad to hear the cats are getting more comfortable around Chimi.