Sunday, April 27, 2008

No Place like Home

Chimi and I are home! He did great flying! Chimi has been refreshed with food and water and has taken care of relieving business. He is taking a break in his new kennel in the bedroom. I put his travel bed inside the kennel to help him adjust to his knew home. As I type, Buddy my male cat is laying in the middle of the living room watching the kennel. Chimi is a sleep. Sissy my female cat is under the bed. I will write more later. I want to take a bath and sleep in my on bed.


Lisa & Runza said...

Hi Anne!!!
I met you at the graduation. I was the graphic designer who ate breakfast with you! I have a blog too! I'm waiting for my next pup and for Runza to graduate. It was so nice to meet you. Can I like to your blog? I Hope you continue to update your blog. I can't wait to hear more about Chimi

Lora said...