Tuesday, April 29, 2008

First Days from the Chimi Journal

Monday, April 28, 2008

Chimi flew in a plane just as easy as he rides in the car. By the time we boarded our second flight he got on and in place as if he had been traveling that way all his life. I think the last flight attendant was afraid of him. I had to tell him “No Sniff,” as we board after that he minded his business. (I should have had the halty on but he had done well on the other flight.) As we were getting on the lift to depart from the plane in Monroe, Chimi grumbled at one of the ground crew. The guy grabbed at the leash trying to pull Chimi onto the lift. I corrected Chimi and told the man that I was the one holding the leash Chimi then followed me on to the lift. (I should have given clearer instructions to Chimi and the staff- They probably have a negative impression.) Otherwise Chimi was often complemented on his good behavior and good looks in the course of our travel. He picked up my cane twice and two people asked for information. I gave them a brochure. The security at the Monroe airport asked that we come back to visit so they could practice security procedures with a service dog.

I like the wonder walker better than the leather leash. I am more relaxed with the Wonder Walker. I do not sense as much tension as I did with the leather lead; therefore, I do not seem to pull and jerk on it as much. It has a soft but thick textured feel in my hand It gives Chimi a looser and a longer lead. I am not getting pulled over during relief time. However the Wonder Walker is too long. We kept getting tangled up yesterday which presents a poor image. I need to modify the leash so that it complements our team work. I think I can shorten it with one of those clips on the leather leash. The more comfortable I become with handling the leash the smoother moving together will be.

Chimi likes his, new kennel but I did not get it fastened when I closed it last night. I woke up when I heard the clatter. But just then I had a sudden urge to urinate. I did not make it to the bathroom in time. As I was trying to call Chimi and clean myself up, Chimi found the bowel of cat food in the kitchen. Tonight I will make sure that the kennel is fastened closed, that the bedroom door is closed and the cat food is put away!

My cats do not know what to think of Chimi. Sissy just keeps her distance. Buddy clawed at Chimi and he barked a little, but for the most part Chimi just ignores them. Buddy kept trying to get closer until he heard Chimi bark at door knocking an outside noise. For now kennel time is cat time. The cats eat and sleep in a separate room. Sissy seems happy with this arrangement but Buddy is not. He has stopped purring and has started grubbing it sounds like a buzzing hum.

I think the first household task skill that I will train Chimi to do is to put close in the laundry basket because he wants to take them out of the basket and bring them to me when we are in the bathroom. (He enjoyed helping me unpack the suitcase I also want to work at training him to my right side. I did not know how uncomfortable the left side would be when I first talked to Michelle. (I am left handed.)

My scooter not only has different controls, even at its fastest, it is slower than Carol’s!

Things to continue working on or out

Shortening the lead – using my voice not the leash

Training Chimi to position at my right.

Establishing boundaries and limiting distractions (Cat toys!)

Barking at door knocking and outside sounds

Cat interaction

Obedience when in a new environment with distractions

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Chimi had his first play date yesterday with a female Australian Shepherd, named Boops. The Roberts have a fenced in back yard. It was the first time I had seen Chimi playing outside, doing something other than carry his ball. He was very distracted by the new environment at the Roberts and obedience was difficult.


Anna and Lawrence said...

Hi, I'm a puppy raiser with Guide Dogs for the Blind, and Lisa and Runza linked to you. Welcome to the blogging world! and I hope you don't mind if I link to you

Lora said...

Love reading about your daily walk with Chimi. It is the same with anyone new in our life-you have to work out ALL the details!

Kelsey and Spike said...

I loved reading about you and Chimi! I'm a puppy raiser for Guide Dogs for the Blind, right now I'm raising Spike, an 11 month old male yellow lab.

I got your link from Lisa, hope you don't mind if I link to your blog, let me know if you do!

Lisa & Runza said...

You and Chimi are coming along. Sounds like you are bonding nicely. Good luck as you continue to grow as a team


Hi Anne!
I'm a puppy raiser for KSDS also and was in fact at the graduation this past weekend. I was there to turn in my puppy for formal work :(
Glad to see you have a blog!
and Chimi sounds as if he's a good match fo ryou!