Saturday, April 19, 2008

First Trip to Town

My classmates and I rode our wheelchair scooters to downtown Washington, Kansas today as the dogs trotted by our left sides. The town reminds me of Eldarado, Ark. We went into the dollar store-tight quarters with lots of distractions. The dogs have been trained very well. Chimi new what to do and to not do better than I did. I dropped my keys and he picked them up! I still have to work on my vocal leadership. Chimi will not come when on a down stay when we are alone. Pray for my scooter driving and my sense of direction. The weather was beautiful today and my sinus are better. Chimi likes to walk around holding things, like a tennis ball or his grooming rake. He also likes to retrieve. This morning he picked up all my dirty cloths.


Lora said...

I hear a growing relationship in all of your comments. What a blessing! I will have you on my mind, especially tomorrow, at church. May you Sabbath be blessed!

pedijean said...

I have just now been able to catch up on what's happening. it sounds great! I knew you would bond and I am confident your other concerns will be in the past very soon. Love you.