Monday, April 14, 2008

It is BOY!

He is from the Mexican Food theme litter. His name is Chimi short for chimicanga. He will be three years old in May He is a golden retrevier. His golden hair is feathery. He retreved my cane today when I fell. I hand feed him today so that I become the leader. He has eyes only for the trainer today. Today's lecture was dog phsy. I need work on almost every thing at the momement. I am really having trouble with my confidence. I am also having trouble driving the scooter they have here. I have already broke something and ran over my trainer. I have been restricted to turtle speed. The hand controls work different than mine. I know it will get easer and I will get better but at this point I will be amased if I graduate. I do alot better when nobody is watching but my test is observation more later I need to go write in my journal. that is one thing I can do well.


Lora said...

Anne, you can do this and Chimmi is going to love you. Patience!

pedijean said...

It's your first day and your first dog, give yourself a break. You'll do fine. the first few weeks of my first obedience class I was the group clutz but my dog and I finished 4th overall.

Anonymous said...

If you can care for Abby every wednesday night, you can definitely graduate this training! I wouldn't sweat running over your trainer, I mean, what's one trainer more or less. You have Christ who strengthens you and in whom you can do all things. We are praying for you.

Caleb Seney

BTW - Abby already misses you!!!!!